Café at the Kunstmuseum

On your way to the continuously changing exhibits in the Museum of Art Liechtenstein one piece of art distinguishes itself through consistency. The plain elegance with which the visitor is received by the Museum of Art, the discreet fragrance of wood, the aura of tranquillity pave the way to an experience of regalement appealing to all your senses. Behind the counter there is an artist, a craftsman, an expert. The knife is gliding fast an precisely through exquisite seafish and this fish is turned into delicious nigiri sushi, maki sushi and sashimi, which ignite “fireworks of flavours“ in your mouth.

The café at the Museum of Art is not only a café and a sushi bar, but it is also perfectly suitable for business events, private festivities, lectures or book launches. With a room capacity of approximately 100 people it provides the perfect inimitable venue for small events with finest catering.